Young Coconut Efficacious Cure Malaria Pain! Total recovery

Young Coconut Efficacious Cure Malaria Pain! Total recovery

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Kamis, 13 Februari 2020

Health: Young Coconut Efficacious Cures Malaria Pain!  Total recovery
Roasted Coconut
Young Coconut Efficacious Cure Malaria Pain! Total recovery. This plant is found on the coastline, especially in Southeast Asia. Well, the Coconut Tree that I am referring to in my writing this time.

What are the benefits of coconut not a tree that I will discuss this time, but the fruit! It turns out that the fruit of this coconut tree that tastes exotic, sweet water and delicious meat has the benefit of curing Malaria completely. I know this from my parents, "said Pak Holidi: 'Young coconuts can cure diseases completely.

So how do you consume or process it? This method is very easy and does not need to be expensive. First, please take the young head and then burn the outer skin, leaving the coconut shell.

After cleaning and opening the coconut shell earlier, please prepare a fireplace, which means burning young coconut fruit earlier.

Coconut shells that have been peeled out, yes, we burn until burned then slowly opened and take young coconut water that has been burned as soon as you drink it and do not drink it delayed. Please drink when the condition of the young coconut water with a rash on the nails (half warm).

Well, that's the benefits of young coconuts that can cure Malaria, this is traditional medicine and not many people know it.

Important note: Try to consume boiled young coconuts 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening for one week routine. May your malaria be completely cured.

Thus I inform you, hopefully useful and thank you for trying and applying it in your life.