Movie April 26 : Avengers Endgame, dazzles with epic and emotional world premiere

Movie April 26 : Avengers Endgame, dazzles with epic and emotional world premiere

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Kamis, 13 Februari 2020

Movie: Avengers Endgame, dazzles with epic and emotional world premiere

Who is not familiar with the movie avengers - this time the avengers released their latest film with the story you can read at a glance below.

Movie: Avengers Endgame, dazzles with epic and emotional world premiere. Combine a graduation, an anniversary, a funeral, a family reunion, and the hottest party in Hollywood with a literal fight for the fate of the universe, and you've got the world premiere of Avengers: Endgame. Monday night at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the highly-anticipated final chapter in Marvel's Infinity Saga debuted to a massive audience of cast, crew, press, and fans, who showed up eager and dressed in their best "snappy casual." (Oh, yeah. We saw what you did there, Marvel.)

Outside the building, excited MCU devotees and Avengers cosplayers screamed for their heroes as cast member after cast member floated from chauffeured rides into the secretive depths of the Endgame. Pictures were taken. Tears were shed. Dreams came true.

Inside, the enthusiasm was similar. In a nod to Thanos, various shades of purple draped the interior of the Convention Center. At the center of the lobby, however, was a couple hundred feet high Avengers "A" that rotated to be seen (and photographed) from every angle — lest anyone forget who the premiere was really honoring.

As for the guest list, Endgame's gigantic cast and crew were in attendance, alongside numerous stars from Marvel's other various installments. From the high-ranking Russo brothers to the supporting characters of standalone chapters gone by, it appeared as if every Marvel employee turned out for the series' big finale.

Other A-list friends of the franchise, including Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, and Matt Damon, could be seen mingling with the crowd as well. 

On the red purple carpet, for many it was jewel tones from toe to antenna, the six hues of the Infinity Stones creating a particularly punchy Marvel aesthetic.

Taking the gem theme a smidgen further, stars Scarlett Johansson and Brie Larson rocked Infinity Gauntlet inspired jewelry.

Meanwhile, Vin Diesel, in what had to be an ode to his character Groot, dressed up like an actual tree — and proceeded to strike a whole bunch of goofy tree poses for photographers. (Uh... Happy Earth Day, I guess!)

Once inside, guests flooded the theater's stadium seating, and sat anxiously as Endgame's leads trickled in towards their spots at the front. Finally, Disney CEO Bob Iger introduced the film, and the world's first showing of Avengers: Endgame began.

After three hours of cheers, gasps, and audible sobbing (okay, that last one was mostly me), the credits rolled. Following thunderous applause, the cast and crew took to the stage, many of them offering up what appeared to be their final goodbyes to the Marvel Universe. 

The six founding members of the Avengers — Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and Chris Hemsworth — took turns at the microphone offering thanks and congratulations to Marvel, their fans, and each other. For even the least committed of Marvel viewers, it was an emotional, but triumphant swan song.

Notably, Robert Downey Jr. signed off his 11-year stint as Iron Man, telling the audience: "We love you three thousand." (You might not get that right now, but trust us, you will.)"

Finally, President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige — who, if you didn't know, is entirely responsible for the MCU even becoming a thing — received a standing ovation from the crowd before shepherding all of his guests towards a glitzy after party.

There, fans and stars stood shoulder to shoulder, dining on hors d'oeuvres and enjoying some well-deserved champagne. (Again, this movie is long.)

With music blaring and chandeliers overhead, the party easily could have been mistaken for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Senior Prom. A chance to reminisce, say goodbye, and look to the future before turning your superhero tassel and throwing your shield, hammer, helmet, etc. in the air at graduation.

After 11 years with our beloved heroes, this epic and emotional send-off was a fitting, yet bittersweet goodbye to an era. Yes, it's time to move on — but not before we revel in a few more hours of the Endgame.

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