Price of Sharp AQUOS TV 90 "(Inchi) Real Aluminum Frame and Brushed Metal Finish

Price of Sharp AQUOS TV 90 "(Inchi) Real Aluminum Frame and Brushed Metal Finish

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Rabu, 06 November 2019

Price of Sharp AQUOS TV 90 "(Inchi) Real Aluminum Frame and Brushed Metal Finish

Price of Sharp AQUOS TV 90 "(Inchi) Real Aluminum Frame and Brushed Metal Finish Like!!! Super Large and Sophisticated TV, Browse here and there open the site and this site has long searched and searched finally the admin finally found a valid reference related to the Super Large TV search and Sophisticated on one of the big sites Information that you can admin can read below.

JAKARTA - The charm of a large screen TV is increasingly capturing many hearts of Indonesian consumers. This can be seen from the tendency of consumers to have a TV with a larger size than previously owned. After launching the Big Aquos series some time ago, PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia re-launched the Ultra Large Screen Size TV, Sharp AQUOS 90 "which is the largest TV screen in the world. With a height of 112 cm and a width of 199 cm, the Sharp AQUOS 90 ", has a size larger than the size of a single bed or a standard size height of this Asian man, with a widescreen 225 percent wider or twice as wide compared to the screen 60 inch TV.

Sharp AQUOS 90 "produces amazing image quality, capable of displaying clear and detailed visual content, looking so real and alive.

"The presence of this product is evidence from Sharp's DNA that is always trying to create products that have always wanted to be copied. This product is the answer to market demand for Sharp large screen TV products. We hope that consumers can be even more satisfied with the quality of the products we produce in accordance with our vision of winning the hearts of the Indonesian people, "said Fumihiro Irie, President Director of PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia.

To display a tremendous image quality, Sharp immerse X-Gen Panel UV2A technology, a technology that is able to control the lighting on the panel so that it produces maximum contrast ratio with a low light source.

The AquoMotion 200/240 feature, which is a combination of 100 / 120HZ ratio, will provide a display effect on moving images such as movies and sports to be clearer and smoother.

Original Mode feature that can magnify the display on the screen by simply pressing 1 button gives the viewing experience as in the original atmosphere.

Another interesting feature is 3D Depth Control, this feature can automatically adjust consumers' visions with the display of images displayed on a TV screen. Other features of SRS TS HD / Yamaha 3D Surround. Consumers can choose 4 types of sound levels according to taste and types of impressions on the TV screen, namely 3D Standard, 3D movie, 3D Hall, and 3D Stadium.

Sharp AQUOS 90 "is also equipped with internet functions that already use Dual Core Processor that is able to maximize the use of internet functions so that access becomes faster.

In addition to being able to enjoy favorite TV programs, consumers can also enjoy a variety of network connections or other entertainment features such as YouTube with its latest Lean Back 3 application, AQUOS Net, USB Media Player, DLNA Player, and different Skype experiences because it looks really real .

Framed with a Real Aluminum Frame and Brushed Metal Finish giving this product a modern, high-tech and amazing look, the Sharp Large Size Size TV Sharp AQUOS 90 "launched to the market at a price of Rp. 199 million rupiah per unit.

"We are confident that we can control 60 percent of the market share and become the leader of the big screen TV market in Indonesia, with a sales target of 15 units per month for Sharp AQUOS 90," concluded Herdiana Anita Pisceria SEID Product Marketing General Manager.

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