12 Benefits of Strawberry for Health and Beauty Naturally

12 Benefits of Strawberry for Health and Beauty Naturally

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Rabu, 06 November 2019

12 Benefits of Strawberry for Health and Beauty Naturally
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12 Benefits of Strawberry for Health and Beauty Naturally. Strawberry is one type of fruit that is rich in health benefits for our bodies, with some of these benefits strawberries are also cultivated in areas that have plateaus, therefore not all types of strawberry climates are suitable for planting with strawberries. In Indonesia, the existence of strawberries is very abundant, therefore with its many fruits that we can use, it certainly makes it easy for those of you who want to try strawberries and their use. Strawberry fruit itself has a sour taste and there is also a sweet what if the level of maturity has been thorough, therefore we often see that this strawberry fruit is also very delicious to drink when made into strawberry juice. The benefits and efficacy that strawberries have are not only on the health of our bodies, but also many of us who use this starwberry fruit for body care. Therefore, before knowing the benefits of these fruits, you must know that the strawberries themselves contain very much like the one below:

Strawberry Vitamins Contents

Vitamin C / Mg 82
Vitamin E / Mg ATE 0.20
Vitamin A / µg RE 4.3
Vitamin B12 / µg 0
Thiamin / Mg 0.03
Pantothenic / Mg 0.49
Niacin / Mg 0.33
Folate / µg 25
Riboflavin / Mg 0.1
Vitamin B6/ Mg 0.09

  • Benefits of Strawberry Fruit for Body Health

1. Hypertension

Hypertension is a disease that is very dangerous and very many sufferers of hypertension. Strawberry fruit is a fruit that has several contents that can prevent the occurrence of hypertension, therefore strawberry fruit itself has potassium content which has a very large amount, therefore in its own use this fruit is very useful in preventing hypertension in a person.

With a lack of potassium content in a person's body will be at risk of hypertension, therefore the consumption of this fruit is regular and in utilizing the intake of potassium content must be in accordance with the body's needs.

2. Digestive System

In dealing with a good digestive system of course it is necessary to have food intake that contains as well as good as papaya fruit. But the strawberries themselves turned out to have fiber that is very good for launching the digestive system in your body, therefore with the use of strawberries would be very suitable in dealing with constipation.

3. Cancer Prevention

As we know that in the prevention of a terrible disease, this certainly cannot be separated from the lifestyle and types of food we consume. Therefore the strawberry itself has a pretty good antioxidant because the fruit can prevent cancer because there is a pretty good content.

In overcoming cancer there are indeed many ways that we can do, but by utilizing the strawberry fruit we easily use it to prevent cancer.

4. Bone Health

Some fruits that have the same benefits as bananas also contain vitamin K, manganese and megnesium, but strawberries also have the same content as having benefits in your bones, therefore with the content of manganese is certainly very good regards nutritional intake on bones that can maintain bone health.

In its own utilization, it is enough to consume fruit regularly, so that your bone health is maintained and becomes sturdy and healthy.

5. Endurance

With a very high Vitamin C content, of course these benefits have a very good use for the body, with the presence of antioxidants that are good enough it is able to maintain a very good immune system.

In the presence of vitamin C which most people only have in oranges, but without us knowing that strawberries also have the same content which is equally the same C content which is very abundant.

6. Overcoming Stroke

With the use of fruit as a way to deal with disease, of course it needs the right knowledge, so that the use or function can be right by providing the best benefits for the body.

Stroke is a very dangerous type of disease what if we consume the types of food that should not be consumed by people with stroke, therefore the use of strawberry fruit is certainly very suitable for consumption by people with stroke, because strawberries themselves have potassium content that can reduce the risk of stroke.

7. Heart Health

Utilizing fruit and consuming fruit regularly is a good habit that we must do to aim to maintain a healthy body, Vitamin B is an ingredient found in strawberry fruit, therefore the use of fruit in overcoming various diseases is a very appropriate way for us to use.

As we know that strawberries themselves have a high fiber content, folate and vitamin C certainly provide very good benefits for your heart health.

8. Anemia

The content contained in strawberry fruit can provide very good benefits for sufferers of anemia, because basically the fruit has iron content and of course it is very good for the body and is able to produce red blood cells that are good enough, so it is suitable what if the fruit is in consumption by anemia sufferers.

  • Benefits of Fruits for Natural Health

1. Skin

Overcoming damaged skin and dry skin of course it is not a very easy thing to deal with if not done with the right care. By utilizing strawberries, of course it provides very good benefits for your skin care, because strawberries have some very good content for the skin such as good antioxidants and can avoid free radicals that can cause dry skin and wrinkles.

2. Smooth Skin

In the use of beauty, all fruits have almost the same function. By making masks from strawberries, of course we can use them to deal with less delicate skin. By making a skin mask that we can make from strawberries, of course it's very easy.

In making a mask from strawberries, the first thing you have to do is just provide some fruit and puree and add enough honey, then make a mask for your face.

3. Pimples

When pimples come in during adolescence, it is very annoying, because zits can change their appearance and become insecure if there are many pimples on the face. the solution is with a strawberry that is made into a face mask that is ready to fight acne on your face.

  • Benefits of Strawberry Fruit for Pregnant Women

Utilization of fruit in terms of health is very good indeed in maintaining and overcoming in various ways. With the content contained in strawberries certainly provide very good benefits for pregnant women. Because of the content that is owned by the fruit is very good for the fetus, therefore to find out how the benefits of this fruit for pregnant women are as follows:

Helpful in brain needs

The brain is a body system or organ that is very important for us to maintain by providing good nutrition, therefore in its own use this fruit is very good for consumption by pregnant women. These are the 12 benefits of strawberries for natural health and beauty that we can use to consume regularly on this fruit.