Unique Facts About Bajakah Plants That Claimed Effective Cure Cancer

Unique Facts About Bajakah Plants That Claimed Effective Cure Cancer

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05 August 2019

Unique Facts About Bajakah Plants That Claimed Effective Cure Cancer
Borneo Bajakah Tree Cancer Drug
Unique Facts About Bajakah Plants That Claimed Effective Cure Cancer. Indonesia has various types of herbal plants that can be used as traditional medicines . Herbal plants that grow in Indonesia are also proven effective for improving body health. Of the many types of herbal plants that grow in Indonesia that we know about, there are still many wild plants that have medicinal properties that we have never known. Like the discovery of wild plants called Bajakah in the forests of Borneo which recently became the subject of much discussion because it is claimed to cure cancer effectively and without side effects. Wow! Of course this is very surprising because until now medical experts have not even found a powerful drug to treat cancer without side effects.

The name Bajakah was popular and viral after the publication of the achievements of Palangkaraya 2 High School students namely Yazid, Anggina Rafitri and Aysa Aurealya Maharani who discovered a drug that claimed to cure cancer totally. Three Palangkaraya High School 2 students conducted a study and found that the content of the Bajakah can cure cancer.

This discovery was later included in an international scientific work competition entitled Life Science in Seoul, South Korea, on July 25, 2019. And the discovery of the three Palangkaraya 2 High School students successfully brought home a gold medal. Which means that the discovery of Palangkaraya 2 High School students was recognized by his greatness.

Then what is this Bajakah plant like? And where did these three Palangkaraya 2 High School students come to know that wild plants like Bajakah actually contained cancer cures? So that everything is clear, let's look at some facts about the plant that is claimed to be effective in curing cancer. Check this out guys!

Facts About Pirated Plants That Claimed Effective Cure Cancer

1 Bajakah is a forest plant
Quoted from Kompas.com, Bajakah is a type of vines that have stems that are quite strong and large. Can creep at a height of more than 5 meters to reach the top of the tree on which the propagation is propagated. The root is in the land which is flowed with brownish clear peat water typical of the Kalimantan forest. At first glance, Bajakah is difficult to distinguish from other plants, it's just that these plants are found in lush forest areas where little sun can penetrate the area.

2. Called a mystical plant
For the local community or especially for the Dayak people, the Bajakah plant is believed to have a relationship with mystical things. This is because Bajakah is rare and only grows in limited numbers and in a limited area as well. But the assumption is slowly fading after scientific research on plants that have become a cancer drug for generations from the Dayak people, especially in Central Kalimantan. From the results of the study, it turned out to be true. this wild plant can indeed cure cancer.

3. The first study was conducted by 3 Palangkaraya 2 high school students
Guys, in the previous point mentioned that according to research, Bajakah is indeed efficacious for curing cancer. You need to know guys, who conducted the study were three students from Palangkaraya 2 High Schools namely Yazid, Anggina Rafitri and Aysa Aurealya Maharani.

Initial research with trials in their school laboratories. The trial was continued with a sample test using two white mice or mice which had been injected with tumor or cancer cell growth substances.

The three high school students gave different antidotes to the two rats, namely Dayak water and Bajakah mixed water. The study proved that the sample objects tested (mice) that had been given the water ingredient Bajakah succeeded in removing tumor cells in these mice.

The success of the research was followed up by working with the laboratory of Lambung Mangkurat University in South Kalimantan and bringing the results of the research to the national competency event, namely the Youth National Science Fair (YNSF) 2019 to the international scaffolding, namely the World Invention Olympic (WICO) in South Korea. As we know, through these Science competencies the three Palangkaraya 2 high school students successfully won and won the gold medal. Because of this, the name of piracy became viral in the medical world and is the subject of conversation today.

Facts About Pirated Plants That Claimed Effective Cure Cancer

Then the question becomes, where did the three students know if it contains cancer-healing substances? The answer is in 4th point.
4. Secretly becoming a cancer drug by decreasing the Dayak people
If you still remember, one of the Palangkaraya 2 High School students who took part in the competition was named Yazid. Well this Yazid said that there are plants in Central Kalimantan that are able to cure cancer cells, even his grandmother who used to suffer from stage 4 breast cancer managed to recover from consuming the food.

Quoted from Kompas, Yazid's father named Daldin, one of the original Dayak tribe residents in Gunung Mas Regency, Palangkaraya revealed that his mother (Yazid's grandmother) had recovered completely from breast cancer thanks to drinking boiled water from the roots of the pirated plants.

The story begins when her mother was convicted of stage four breast cancer between the 1970s and 1980s. At that time, the doctor asked his mother to immediately go up to the operating table. However, the mother refused and chose to return home.

Then, after returning home, the father tried to find the roots of the pirated plants that usually grow in the middle of the forest. After one month consuming boiled water root of the pirated plant, Daldin's mother was declared fully recovered. According to Daldin, his mother's condition at that time was so severe and tormented with cancer that had gnawed him for about 10 years. Wounds on the body affected by cancer have fester and bleed.

So you could say his father Daldin and his grandfather Yazid was the first to discover the efficacy of a plant that is cancerous. And his findings were brought by his grandchildren to be competed at the World Invention Creativity Olympic (WICO) event in Seoul, South Korea, in the field of science.

Facts About Pirated Plants That Claimed Effective Cure Cancer

5. Contents of pirated plants
Quoted from Kompas.com, from laboratory tests conducted, Bajakah is known to have thousands of times the antioxidant content when compared to other types of plants. In addition, piracy is also identified to contain 40 substances that can kill cancer cells in the body. These substances such as saponins, phenolics, steroids, terpenoids, tannins, alkonoids, and terpenoids.

In addition there are also phytochemicals or phytonutrients that have functions for health such as antioxidants, maximizing the work of the immune system, meeting the needs of vitamin A, killing cancer cells, repairing damaged DNA structures, and detoxifying carcinogenic compounds.

6. Ways of processing
To be able to benefit from the production of pirated plants, of course, these plants must go through processing. First, pirated plants must be dried naturally by relying on sunlight. After drying, mash the stems of the plant so that it becomes a fine powder. The powder is then boiled using plain water for approximately 30 minutes.

Boiled water that has the color and taste like a bland tea is then taken as a substitute for daily drinking water. Quoted from Kompas.com, consuming this water regularly for 2 consecutive months can eliminate tumors in a person's body.

Facts About Pirated Plants That Claimed Effective Cure Cancer

7. Great findings but threatened to be exploited
From the properties of the pirates that have been found, of course it has become an important milestone in the medical world. How not, as we know, until now there has been no cancer drug that can cure briefly without side effects. Cancer treatment is very expensive so that only certain people can usually receive treatment, and even then it does not guarantee complete recovery.

With this, of course, piracy can be an herbal cancer drug that can cure cancer completely, but, unfortunately, the parties of the three high school students and the school do not have plans to produce their findings. Although there have been many offers from various parties in order to get the Bajakah plant.

This is because there are fears from various parties who will exploit the forests in Kalimantan to get good fortune to seek personal gain.

Now those are some facts about the Bajakah plant that is able to treat cancer. Hopefully, this pirated plant can be cultivated so that it can be processed into a cancer cure herbal medicine. At least cancer patients do not have to suffer when they are treated with chemotherapy or surgery to get rid of cancer cells that are eating away at the body. This article was once posted by blogunik Entitled:  Facts About Bajakah Plants That Claimed Effective Heal Cancer