Tawau Pulau Sipadan Malaysia Tempat Diving Terbaik di Asia Ini Dulunya Milik Indonesia

Tawau, Sipadan Island Malaysia The Best Diving Place in Asia It Was Previously Belong To Indonesia

Tawau - Recently, Sipadan Island in Malaysia became the winner of Best Dive Sites Asia CNN Travel. But, once this island into the territory of Indonesia. 

Located in the northern part of Borneo island, Sipadan Island was once a dispute between Indonesia and Malaysia. Exactly, it is in the Makassar Strait. This issue was uproar in 2002, followed by the International Court of Justice decision after years of being a problem with the voting results of 16 judges chose Malaysia of 17 judges. 

Tawau, Sipadan Island Malaysia The Best Diving Place in Asia It Was Previously Belong To Indonesia

Previously, Sipadan and Ligitan Islands became a dispute because of its territory which is near Indonesia and Malaysia. At that time, his decision was still unclear and decided to be a dispute area. However, Malaysia makes cottages or inns on behalf of its nwgaranya there. 

Then, Why Sipadan island could be the first rank of Asia's best diving destinations? 

Reported detikTravel from various sources, on Saturday (07/22/2017) In addition to the white sands and glass-clear sea water, various kinds of coral reefs and marine animals can be found on the island of Sipadan. With the naked eye too, the traveler was able to see the various kinds of natural beauty under the sea.

With more than 3,000 species of marine animals can be found here, such as turtles Agar, Penyu Karah, Fish Alu-alu (Baracuda) and Selar fish. Not infrequently, the diver or diver will see the Selar Fish forming a formation like a whirl. No wonder why people love diving and scuba diving in Pulau Sipadan. 

Cleanliness and sustainability are also well preserved. Traveler who want to spend the night there are also many lodgings around the island Sipadan. In fact, some of them are water villas or villas on the water. Although, the area of ​​the island is fairly small, only 12 hectares with a height of 700 meters from the seabed.

The price of lodging also varies, the traveler can choose to stay at a hostel near Tawau and cross to Sipadan, or stay at Sipadan island itself. For hostels, the price ranges from RM 35-100 or equivalent to Rp 100-300 thousand, while for the water villa there are several resort options, such as Pom Pom Island Resort & Spa Sipada Kapalai Dive Resort whose price starts from 800 RM (Rp 2, 4 million) to 1500 RM (Rp 4.6 million). 

If you want to visit Sipadan Island from Jakarta, the traveler can fly to Tawau first, some of which will transit in Kuala Lumpur. Or that can also pass through Tarakan with various water and air lines to Tawau. From Tawau, there is a speedboat that will take you to Pulau Sipadan. (Bnl / aff - Source)

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