Setelah Bumi Sekarang Giliran Angkasa Luar di Petakan Google Maps dan Mampu Tuntun Jalan di Luar Angkasa

Google Maps is Now Able to Guide the Way in Outer Space

NEW YORK - Google Maps not only presents views on millions of miles of roads, is now beginning to expand its services into space. Google Maps adds their Street View collection with 15 modules featuring actual space conditions from International Space Station (ISS). 

Setelah Bumi Sekarang Giliran Angkasa Luar di Petakan Google Maps dan Mampu Tuntun Jalan di Luar Angkasa

Google announced on their official blog that now users can explore the Space Station. The picture was impressive. You see, in getting these photos, Google involves NASA's Johnson Space Center who sent Thomas Pesquet, a European Space Agency astronaut. According to Pesquet, collecting pictures in space makes him feel some unique challenges. 

 "I spent six months at the ISS, I was hardly able to explain what I was doing, especially when taking pictures, I have to focus on the results to be more accurate, "said Pesquet on Google's blog. 

In taking pictures, of course Google does not use cars that have a 360-degree camera as usual. Rather it uses the European Space Astronaut Service (ESA) Astrstaff Perquet, which for 6 months is in charge of taking pictures at the station. 

As is known, the Street View team is also working with NASA and Marshall Space Flight Center to get a way of taking photos using DSLR cameras and some equipment on the ISS. 

ISS Street View offers a close-up view of the 15 connected modules that make up the inside of the station. This feature also provides other content that can be selected to access more information on your smartphone screen. These contents include BEAM, Bigelow Expanded Aerospace Module, and COLBERT. 

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